Myanmar – Roger Than Maung

Roger Than Maung
Roger Than Maung

I was born on May 15th, 1970 to the Christian parents. I am a Rengcaa Khumi Chin from Southern Chin State. I was converted to Christ on March 3rd, 1986 and baptized in water by immersion on January 24th, 1993. I formed Myanmar Missions Association on March 27, 1990 and I ever served God as a free evangelist for three years from 1990 to 1993. During these years, I served also as a volunteer headmaster of the private middle schools for two years. I studied the theologies at Zomi Theological College in Chin State for four years [1993-1997], and I completed the Bachelor of Theology [B.Th] degree on March 9, 1997. Afterward, I served as a Church pastor of Thathay Kung Baptist Church in Khumi land for one year. I also served as a volunteer headmaster of private middle school in Thathay Kung village where most are the Buddhists and animists. And again, I studied the theologies at Myanmar Institute of Theology in Yangon for three years [1998-2001] and I completed the Master of Divinity [M. Div] degree on March 9, 2001.

Afterward, I became a free missionary for one year in Kachin State. I ever served as a part-time lecturer at some Bible colleges in Yangon for four years [2002-2005]. I founded Khumi Theological Student Fellowship [Yangon] also on November 23, 2003. I was an editor-in-chief of the ‘Kimo New Vision’ magazine. I am a senior pastor of Home-Church in Yangon and a president of Myanmar Missionss Association. The Myanmar Missions Association is established on March 23, 2009. I am married on 30 November 2002. I am a father of three children.

I promised to God not to go any foreign countries during 20 years [1990 March 23 to 2011 March 23; and it is also the 20 years of my Christian missionary service] and I absolutely decided to commit the Lord faithfully and fully by doing missions alone in this a Buddhist land, Myanmar, during over 20 years. First 10 years [March 23, 1990 to March 23, 2001] is the Preparation Period for unreached mission. I did not seek any foreign sponsors throughout this decade. Second 10 years [2001 March 23 to 2011 March 23] is the Foundation Lay Down Period for our mission organization. And third decade [2011 March 23 to 2020 March 23] is Building Up Period from the Foundation of our Local Baptist Organization. These two decade periods are called " making a good soil for any spiritual investment". In 2001, God instructed me to settle in Yangon for His holistic missions and so I sold every thing I had for His kingdom and settled in Yangon in 2001. I give thanks to the Lord for the Great Commission He has given me to bring Myanmar to Christ.

I have preached the 1160 sermons [not included the lectures] during over 28 years of my missionary service from 1988 to August 14th, 2016. I have traveled over the 30,000 miles for nationwide missions; of which over 8000 miles is like Jesus Christ on foot! Today, I have distributed over 1.5 million of Gospel tracts and booklets; over 40,000 Christian books and over 300 are the Gospel tapes.

My activities in the Bible Institute, Myanmar Institute of Theology are: Editor, Publisher, Cartoonist, Writer and Art Designer of the Student magazines, Designer of Students' T- Shirts, Creator and Writer of group Drama, Class Monitor [Elective Subject] and Talent Show on Karate!

My activities in Bible College, Zomi Theological College are: President of College's Publication Department, Editor and Publisher of the Student magazines, Gospel Team leader, free lecturer on the International General Knowledge for the classes and yearly winner of first prizes for the Literature.