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Pastor Gopal Nepali
Pastor Gopal Nepali

I am Gopal Nepali. I was born and brought up in Hindu Culture. I had good family and I was happy with my family. We used to worship the gods of Hindu and Buddha. But suddenly an accident happened in my family. Due to that my father became mental and physical sick. We spent lot of money but he could not heal. One after one problems rose up in my life. I was so discouraged, totally broken and peace less. I asked healing of father with doctors and the gods of Hindu. But they could not do it. Same time society also oppressed me.

But there was a time God sent His servant and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. He explained Christ is saviour so he forgives all our sin and heal our broken heart. My father and Mom believed in Jesus Christ. Later same person shared Gospel to me. The moment I heard about Jesus I realized Jesus is needed in my personal life. Then I confessed my sin before Jesus and believed Christ is my personal saviour. The moment Jesus came in my family there was peace, healing of my father, hope and eternal with Jesus we received. Such blessings no one could gave me. For this I spent lot of wealth and begged freedom out of all problems. But nobody gave. I received all blessings in Christ.

While I was blessed my heart is compiling me to share same Jesus. I realized Jesus is needed to all human being. That time in my place no one believer, no any church. My family and there was one brother started. I was there to led people. I am in the ministry of God from the age of 13. God is using me very powerfully in His ministry. I have deep passion to reach unreached place with message of Jesu. Who are slaves of sin and Satan. I am visiting different places of Nepal for preaching the gospel and encouraging people. I am seeing God is amazingly working in the life of people. My passion is to preach the gospel. God gave me a chance to study in India. I just completed theological study (B.Th.) in 2014. Now am in the pastoral ministry and doing other so many ministries. I am ready to welcomed people who really wants to exalt Christ with me around the world. I can compromise who have passion to serve Jesus. You may remember me in your prayer. At last God alone be glorified forever and ever. Amen

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Pastor Gopal Nepali
Address: Dapcha kashikhanda -12, kavre
Contact number:- 977-9851119803, 977-9860109903
Email: [email protected]

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