Pastor Nathan Sifuna and The Last Trumpet in Kenya

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Dearest in the Lord Pastor Dave & the Family;


Greetings in Jesus Christ. I am very grateful for you and the body of Jesus over there! remember that you were designed for a divine Purpose to serve Him. Here we are fine under His Perfect Care. I rejoice to the Lord for connecting us in the Kingdom to advance and reach many souls that are lost. Be assured that you are in our prayers and we know that God will fulfill.


Thank you so much for your support. Our trip was successful, we had a safe journey. We arrived at the meeting on Friday last week as I told you. Pst John of PEFA Church welcomed us in his church. His congregation were happy to see new visitors in their church. They were shouting Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. They started with prayers and praise and worship songs. Pst John Welcomed me, and my team introduced themselves. After that, he welcomed me to minister.


The Lord spoke to me to speak about the sinners in the hands of angry God. We read from Proverbs 16:6, “By the fear of the Lord many depart from evil. People responded well. I called people to pray for them after preaching. I made an alter call for salvation of those who have been living in sin. What surprised me is one lady who had a series of abortions, she heard the message I preached and she was touched to gave her life to the Lord. Many women confessed, they have been involved in abortions, witchcraft for them to be loved by their husbands, and young people who were using drugs were touched with that message and gave their lives to the Lord. I prayed for them and they were all delighted.


At evening, I taught in the book of Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of God is upon me, he has sent me to loosen those who are bound.” I distributed some newsletters, many people were competing to receive their copy and also children wanted newsletters so that they take to their parents. Another surprise is when I finished preaching, pastor called me at his office and revealed to me that he was personally touched with the word and he wanted to talk with me further. He revealed that soon he himself was involved in promiscuous activity, he went out of marriage and sinned with another woman. As I was preaching, he was touched, that’s the reason he decided to reveal to me, and he repented and I prayed for him. I told him never to go back to sin and satan for this is not good, for as a servant you should maintain holiness and many people are looking for you and they need the word of God. When the meeting was over We went to sleep at his house and we prayed with his family and we told them they should be good example to the church and community.


We were rejoined with our families on Saturday and we arrived safely. Yesterday, church meeting was good. We saw the mighty hand of God in our midst. People were not forced to praise and worship the Lord. My wife is the one who preached yesterday in our church. We were much blessed with the word of God that the Lord put in her. From the trip I remained with some newsletters, half of them, whereby I have been invited to go and minister to his church on Friday this week in the church called New Life at a place called Furfurol with Pastor Josephat Khisa. It is my humble request for your support and effort to enable us to go and minister the gospel of God in that congregation. It is about 250 kms, which will cost about $130. God bless you for your support that I have been receiving. It has make many people receive Jesus Christ and many people do come out of bondage.


By his Grace,

Pst. Nathan Sifuna