Great Work of God in East Africa

Greetings Daddy John McTernan

Let me thank the lord for the great work of God here in East Africa. Abbas father international fellowship is moving very fast and many people have received Jesus, mostly Islamic people through this broken hearted and when Jesus sets you free be free indeed.

Yesterday I send materials to Pastor Nathan and pastor Samuel, and some to Uganda, and some to Tanzania. I have all reciept. Pastor Zaphania, when he will be back, he will scan to you all reciepts. Let me asure you all books of when Jesus sets you free be free indeed because last time we took to mission 500 books and they helped us to share the Gospel.

Today I send 200 to Samuel, 100 to Nathan, 150 to Tanzania, 40 to Uganda. 10 we have backed to send to you Daddy. Request our brothers and sisters to stand with us to print many books, like 3000. It will be of great help.

On Sunday we heard member of Parliament, and he gave our ministry 10,0000 he said. We put into the Bank so that we keep contributing and see if before December we will buy a van for evangelism.

Keep also pray for us. God is doing great Work daddy.

yours Gladys, Wife of Zaphania.

Also I am working for song of broken hearted as I will finish, I will look for the studio where o(?) will pay and they do it best ministry. Is ok even if Pastor Zaphania is in Uganda. He has trained big team that is working with him.

Happy to hear from you.