Request from Zambia

Dear Georgann,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and King the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you are well. I wanted to pass my sincere appreciation for all the prayers you had for our country though the issues are still before the courts of law but still peace has returned to our country.
We have our friend pastor based in Kenya and his name is Pastor Nathan Sifuna and the email is [email protected]. I have been talking to him on many occasions as a pastor friend but yesterday we have a very length chat as he was looking for some books for his church and other prayer request. I had asked him a personal question only to learn that he walks everyday to an internet cafe for his mails. I asked him if he has a desktop computer or laptop but he said he had none. I requesting if people can help him. The cost of a laptop of computer is Ksh 45 000 which $450 and a modem Ksh 3000 . These tools will bring glory to the Lord and able to help a servant of God reach out to many.

God richly bless
Pastor Moses