Srilanka Mission Trip

Dear Chaplain John,

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the province of India.

I felt immensely glad and happy to speak with you and pastor Fredrick over phone today and to have wonderful time of prayer over Skype.  Thank you for all your supports and prayers for the Srilanka Mission Trip. It was a wonderful experience with the Lord. We visited the capital, Colombo and other states like Kandi, which is a hill station, Vavunia, Jaffna, Tricomalle, Mullaithivu, Kilinochchi, and Elephant Pass which are villages along the coast and in forests.

These are the places where the Internal War took place between the Srilankan military and the Tamil Revolutionists – LTTE (The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

The aftermath of the war is really devastating. We were able to witness the places with the bullet holes and also meet the people, who have lost their hands, legs, even their family members, and so on. Their hearts were shattered beyond measure. They’ve lost all their homes, lands and all such properties. It was such a pity that innocent people became the targets of bullets and missiles. Only recently they are being developed in to better standard of living.

We were grateful that God used us among such community of people at the proper and apt time. We were able to share the love of Christ, through the broken hearted brochures, and also through Gospel Meets and have initiated several cell groups and house churches in different parts of the country. A large number of the affected population were comforted by the God of all Comfort through these brochures. God moved in a mighty prophetic way, speaking out the lives of the broken hearted and comforting them.

We even saw the transformation of Buddhist & Muslim families towards Jesus. Since the Harvest is plentiful, I am planning on another mission trip in the near future. Kindly keep this in your prayers.

The broken hearted brochures made a lot of meaning to those people. The content of the brochure and the related verses from the bible are sure to heal their hearts and minds. The need for brochures in Sinhala and Tamil language is more. We are praying for the Lord to open doors for this ministry. Another important thing is that God filled me with a burden and vision to raise an army of 100 pastors in order to pray for the Abba Father International Fellowship and to work towards the sharing of the Gospel through the Brochures. We should train and equip and envision them with the burden and the purpose of these brochures and send them into the masses. I believe that God would definitely pour out His Spirit and take control over all our efforts in establishing His kingdom on earth.

I am submitting this to you as an important prayer request, like I shared with you & Pastor Fredrick over phone. I will share about this in detail in my next email.

During this, we can proceed to print the brochures in the other 10 languages, which would make a sure change in the lives of people in different states of the country. Like I had mentioned in my earlier email, the cost of the minimum quantity of 100,000 brochures comes around $3000 US for one language, costing $30,000 USD for 10 languages. Keep this also in your prayers and we’ll work as how God guides us.

I have attached some photos and video clips of the Srilankan Mission Trip. Kindly use them accordingly.

Thank you once again for all the supports and prayers that you have extended towards us.

Yours in His Kingdom Harvest,
Bishop Reinhard.