What the Kiswahili Language Brochures are Doing in Africa

Dear Pastor,


I hereby send warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I do introduce myself to your Ministry.

I am happy for the blessing of the Bibles you sent to us Pastor Zaphania and Brother John M.C. Ternan. May the Lord bless the work of your hands.

I am Wakhooli Godfrey Pastor from Mbale District, Bungokho County, Bumasikye Sub-county, Muanda Parish in Muanda Village. We serve the Lord in Mbale Association which covers four Zones that’s to say sixty-five Churches.

So brothers in Christ, our request is that you pray for us and if God’s provision allows, please help us with some English Bibles and Lumasaba Bibles; so that the Lord’s work may continue spreading in Uganda – Mbale. The population in Churches is big and those who don’t have Bibles are over 300 pastors doint have Bibles But pastor zaphania he has been of great help since God connected him to us he has been sending some Bibles and still helping us like now he gave us Covenant of Abba Fathers intentional ministries .

Here in Mbale Mt. Elgon we are happy and thank the Lord, for the great work, seeing many people coming to Christ through your Kiswahili brochures of Jesus Christ came to heal the broken heated that we were given By pastor zaphania surel many people have recived Jesus we are requesting for more brochures as we keep distributing them the whole of Mt Eligon.

Our main challenge is that I have changed the Kiswahili brochures into our local language (Lumasaba).But we have not printed so keep us in your daily prayers It has a population of about 4,000,000 people. We need to reach them with this wonderful message

Godfrey Wakhooli