The Gospel to the Dying in South Sudan


Brother pastor zaphania masore makori
Greetings John McTernan and my fellow brothers and sisters in the lord of Abba Father International Fellowship

Let me first thank the lord for all who prayed for my mission to South Sudan from South Sudan to Adjumani the place called Bakirinya camp where the South Sudan people are camping at this time more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand people are staying at this time) you are aware what happened to their country, because of civil war.

Eye witnessed what is happening there, many people are dying mostly the old because of hunger widows and widowers too are dying every Day. It is heart breaking to see human beings dying like that. I had wonderful time to share with the gospel and many people cried to the lord to heal their broken hearted. I shared with them the broken hearted brochures, ten thousand Arabic brochures and they were not enough. Soon praying that we get more to take to them, also I distributed to the pastor some Bibles that pastor John send to me. What great love has to us , also I share to them 2000 Kiswahili broken hearted and 200 books of when Jesus sets you free be free indeed and under the photos Down you can see me providing the pastor Laptop for the ministry.

What I thank the lord more than 20 Muslim received Jesus and many many more received healing and many were set free from their sins.

I have much to share with you but let me pray that our God of mercy to touch you all whom will read this email to contact our dear brother pastor John McTernan for the expansion of the ministry here in East Africa we are in need of materials
1. 10,000 Books of when Jesus set you free be free indeed
2  So great faith in Kiswahili =10,000 for Kenya police,
3. 100,000 Jesus Christ came to heal broken hearted,
4. 666 brochures more than 10,000
projector and the generator so that we can start moving from one place to another sharing this powerful message that we have seen many people receiving,

Keep us in your daily prayers God to provide

Pictures below
1. Imam with Black hat coming to the Lord
2 People coming to Christ
3 Refugee camp
4 Brokenhearted brochure handed out.