Breaking News – Violence in South Sudan; Pastor’s trip postponed

Breaking news from south Sudan


It is sad to to inform you today that today at 7 00 pm, news from South Sudan: president Salva Kiir signed peace agreement with his Vice president Riek Machar, August 26, 2015. Ihey have not finished even one year, from that time there has been peace, but for three weeks back many people have died because of civil war. Uganda has brought back his people from South Sudan, more than 3,000 also kenya is still bring back his people. They are more than 2,000 in kenya Embassy crying for recsue to come home.


More worse today president Salva Kiir choosed new vice president called Taban Deng Gai. Ihrough erecting new vice pesident it has brought many fights. Now as I am emailing you, my host pastors of Baptist from south Sudan, more than 50 pastors from different churchres, they have called me just now and told me to postpone my journey because the fight now is everywhere and is is becoming move worse. They are hidding in the houses now everywhere gun fire. You can see even down the letter that they have send to me from south Sudan.


The letter has come just now at 7:00 pm after I have packed my bag. I have packed everything, even the computer that I have bought for them, Jesus christ came to heal brokenhearted brochures in Arabic.


The church prayed for me safe Journey on sunday. I have been in the house for the whole week preparing teachings; I have said bye to all my fellow pastors and fellow christians. Even today i cut my hair down to look very smart as i will be representing Abba Father International Fellowship. This was my first time to use Airplane. But I have called kenya airways; they have told me that our case of south Sudan airticket, they are open until when peace will come in that country. We will travel so they told us tomorrow to go to office and sign open ticket. Also I will travel to South Sudan Ebbasy tomorrow.


Let me send you again my airticket and my visa, so that you can prove I paid all and I was given everything, but I am happy because they have said if south sudan will not be in peace very soon, if we want to change the way and use that ticket we can do so.


Let us join our hands and pray for our brothers and sisters in South Sudan for God to help them in this time of difficulty.


I will be sending recipts and photos of Arabic brochures, and computer and printer very soon. Let me first finish with Kenya Air Ways.


Tomorrow, i will update you everything


Pastor Zaphania