Pastor Zaphania Masore’s mission trip in Kenya and Sudan

Greetings my fellow brothers and sisters,


pastor John McTernan, pastor vincent wanyonyi, pastor Samwel Wafula, pastor Rebecca, pastor Gladys Nyanchama,


Romans 10:14-15 Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.


On date 14 of August it will be the last day of the crusade in Nairobi of Jesus Christ came to heal brokenhearted. On date 15 I will start my journey to western Kenya.  I will reach in Bunguma at pastor Vincent wanyonyi.  On date 16, and 17 we will be encouraging and preaching about Jesus Christ came to heal brokenhearted so invite as many people as you can to hear the word of God.


17 evening we will set off to Kitale at pastor Samwel Wafula’s church; date 18 and 19 we will be preaching at Kitale. In 19 evening we will set off to pastor Rebecca’s church; we will be preaching there for two days again 20 and 21 in August. 


On date 21 night we will set off to Nairobi, keep me touch with me.  My phone no 0723291492, but as from date 27 to 3 august I will be in south Sudan.  We will come two people only, I and Gladys. I was to come with many pastor. I think you know how expensive it is so i will travel with my wife Gladys. She is good teacher of women; I am sure your churches will be blessed to have such wonderful woman of God, she will be teaching women.


Invite as many people as you can even the Muslim to come and hear the word of God


pastor zaphania