Prayer for elections in Zambia requested

Greetings to you and you family. I hope you are very well. Next week Thursday our country goes into Elections. This will be a general election where a number of changes has been made to the constitution of our country. Under these election the following will be new to the minds of many Zambians:

Executive Mayor voting per district
President and his/her running mate


This has brought about a lot of violence among many political players and it is our hope that peace covers Zambia on this day. We have taken a position to pray and fast for our nation Zambia for a week, just seeking God’s Grace, peace and love to come upon our leaders and the entire country so that only Him is Glorified and we do not experience bloodshed. Join us by standing with us. Our country has been known for peace in the region but we have seen the devil slowly planting evil seeds among many.


God bless you
Pastor Moses