Last Trumpet in Kenya Update

Dear Pastor Nathan…..We are still waiting for funds to come in……I will be in touch by the end of the week to keep you  posted…..Shalom….Dave


Dear Pastor Dave,
Thank you so much for the good work you are doing for the glory of God. Remember Jesus is coming very soon to reward you for the work that you are doing. Your work is not in vain. When i will confirm the box, i will let you know. On the previous email that I sent you for the trip i informed you that I have a mission in Kamukuywa. I had suspended the meeting last week for I did not have transport.


If God will open the way this week, I will go and minister in a general meeting on Friday and return on Saturday to minister at my church.The transport will cost $120. God bless you for keeping in touch. I am also happy to see my name on your new website . God bless you for the good network that we are working with you. Remember you are always in our hearts and daily prayers.


Pst Nathan Sifuna,