Reaching South Sudan

Greetings my Daddy in the Lord,


Our God has opened a door for me to preach in South Sudan through Abba fathers international fellowship  i will preaching for one week and establish ABBA FATHER.


Pastor Dov and pastor John McTernan, Thank you for the great work of God you have done here in the slums, mostly for joining your hands and you took me to Bible college. Now you can see the fruits of what you did for the kingdom. Pastor Dov, you visited my church here in the slums several times, you prayed for me until God touched your heart to share with pastor John McTernan, you took me to Bible College.  Now i am able to speak English well and I have translated 666 [brochure], Jesus Christ came to heal brokenheated, and the book called ‘When Jesus Christ Sets You Free’  be free indeed.


I have been very, very sick but now i am healed by the grace of God. Today it was my second day to visit South Sudan Embassy, and they took my international passport and they told me tomorrow to go with $100 urgently so that they can issue to me a visa to go and meet the team of pastors, fellow Christians, and preach the gospel to the lost, like Muslims.  2 Corinthians 2:12  This is what Paul said, “Now i went to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ and there a door stood open for me in the Lord.” God will open the door for the gospel in south Sudan, and many will receive Jesus Christ. Pray God to provide fare, food and accommodation for one week.


your son,

pastor zaphania masore makori