Kannada Translation of The Book, ‘When Jesus Sets You Free’

Dear Chaplain John


Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Lord Jesus. Indeed God is being good to us in opening the doors of support towards the sharing of His message of Love and I am thankful for it.


Chaplain, for some reason, I could not view the advertisement link that you sent me. I suppose that the link could be broken. So kindly send me the link again to view the advertisement.


The Kannada Translation of The Book,’Jesus sets you free’ is complete and it is now being proof read for errors. Once it is complete I will send you the PDF.


Attached is the Sinhalese Language of the Broken Hearted Brochure for Sri Lanka. You can upload this onto your website.


Chaplain, Would you be having the Tamil version of the Brochure? If you have then kindly send it to me.


Thank you once again. Praying for God’s abundant blessings in your life.


Yours in His Harvest


Bishop Reinhard.