Pastor Zaphania Masore’s 10,000 Kiswahili brochures for South Sudan

Greetings My dear beloved Daddy in the Lord John McTernan,


Let me thank the living God for what is doing here in Africa, mostly in Kenya. Many people have received Jesus, even the chines and Kenya police. What great love of Jesus Christ. I am full packed to south Sudan, even if the situation is worse but I am trusting God for his care and provision. Pastor from south Sudan called me and told me to pray for them as the tension is very high in Yei town where I will be preaching for 6 days.


Pray that God provides them with computer and some funds to use there as everything, even there is no food at this time. That is what the pastors told me today from South Sudan. They called me through phone, you can see down it is me and my wife carrying broken heartened brochures from printing company, taking home.


Keep praying also for means of transportation, God to provide. I will talk with you through phone Daddy, with the receipt of broken hearted I had send to you last time.


yours son
pastor zaphania