Spanish Last Trumpets

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for this shipment of the Spanish Last Trumpets!!

Our friend, Barron Freitas, a real evangelist, has just flown in from Vietnam & Malaysia, 14 hours difference.


He will personally deliver tomorrow a large number of the Spanish Last Trumpets you just sent to his brother, Christian, who also works in Silicon Valley for the same dot. com construction  I work for:


We built the ’49er’s Stadium but the ’49er’s are lost…


Barron has just told me he’s taking the Spanish Last Trumpets with him to Florida to a Spanish church he ministers in each year when he comes back to the good o’ USA.


We want to keep our hands to the plow and not look back as the finish line is right ahead…


Thank you  so much for your faithfulness in shipping out these materials all over the world as judgment is falling here on the Late, Great Planet Earth.


Jesus is sending His offer of salvation out before the Trumpet sounds as we must trust Him for the harvest as He brings the people into our lives!!


Looking Up, LUKE 21:28


Mark & Karen Passailaigue

Aptos, Ca. 95003