Malindi & Mombasa praise report

Greetings pastor zaphania and John


Today we have meeting again here in Malindi  we will send photos  But our aim is to reach unreached with this powerful message of brokenhearted. please send to us through modern coast, as you do send all the time. also if you have the Bibles you can help us too. But what we need most is brokenhearted and 666 brochures. Pastor John thanks for the great work you are doing to our continent and the whole world. whatever you are doing God will reward you. 1 Corinthian 3:8, also read proverbs19-17, also you can read Mathew 5:12. for all this you will receive a reward in heaven too.


Let us keep encouraging you. we love pastor Zephaniah and he is a good pastor. we are arranging for him to come and conduct a pastors conference here in Mombasa more than 300 pastor will attend for three days.  we will let you know the dates very soon ,


But brokenhearted brochures have healed many people. many Muslims have received Jesus here in coast region. please pastor Zephaniah send more to us; we need them.


Forgive us for contacting you direct yesterday but we will not repeat the same mistake.


Have nice time. I don’t know if pastor Zephaniah has shared with you about how cyber pastors are doing and stopping the work of God.  From coast region we trust pastor Zephaniah, and we are working with him, more than 300 pastors


we will Share much later


yours Babu katana 

secretary of pastors fellowship coast region