Aftermath of elections in Zambia; continued prayer requested

Dear Georgann


Calvary greetings to you and many other Pastors and believers world over who stood to pray for us during the time of elections. I want to sincerely thank you for all your prayers you had for our nation. Indeed we had peaceful elections though our elections in Africa differs from yours, our friends, due to difference in policy and issue based campaigns and suspicion to many key players we had in this election.


We had experienced some pockets of violence in some places, particularly when Electoral Commission of Zambia declared the winner without observing concerns raised by key stakeholders, that is, opposition political parties. The winner was announced but the opposition parties have not accepted the results due some irregularities in the election system and they are tomorrow pushing the matter before the constitutional court for judicial review before finally a winner is declared.


This has brought some tension in the nation where our politics are politics of the stomach. Please never give up, continue standing with us in prayers, particularly tomorrow, so that peace is on our land. The nation is slowly dividing itself due to our misunderstanding of today’s politics.


We hope and trust that after this process we will come together again and embark on building Zambia. Our economy has collapsed where people are now living on less than a Dollar per day and thing are worse. Thank you again. I will update you on the petition. God bless.


Pastor Moses Kazevu