Dear Brother John McTernan
I communicated with you on coastal area of Tanzania being one of those having a big Moslem community. I have found out that there are pastors who are ready to learn about the BrokenHeart Ministry. They will be very helpful in establishing a network through which our Ministry can reach the remotest parts. I have arranged with a resident pastor there to conduct a seminar, It is anticipated that between 15 and 20 pastors will be able to attend. I will be ready for the seminar immediately after you have facilitated me.


I have planned to held a seminar where spiritual hunger abounds. Three days of seminar with Pastors and two days of bringing the message of hope to the broken Hearted from all walks of life. May I request 200 books WHEN JESUS SET YOU FREE. Will be a good. for. kishwahili,. and 2000 666 also.  2000. Jesus. Christ came to heal broken. hearted. number to start with. Let me hope that we shall be communicating even more.


God Bless You. I am Pastor Amandus of TANZANIA
On Monday, June 20, 2016 1:37 PM,


Yours in Christ.

Pastor Amandus Amandi  <[email protected]>